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Frenectomy is surgical removal of the tongue or lip brake.

This procedure is performed when the brake cause gingival retraction or diastema, cleaning difficulties and periodontal problems (or occlusal).

Wisdom tooth Extraction 

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a surgery for the removal of third molars, also known as wisdom teeth or teeth of judgment. The wisdom teeth extraction surgery can be done when the teeth were born or even teeth that will be born – is the so-called tooth included wisdom.

The extraction of wisdom teeth should be done only when the wisdom teeth were not born properly in the mouth. If the tooth is present in the mouth and does not compromise the dental arch, it works like other back teeth, in the final stage of mastication, and need not be removed. The wisdom extract statement relates to:

 Proper hygiene Inability of wisdom teeth due to lack of access to the brushes;
Pressure neighboring teeth creates risks of trauma and / or loss of teeth alignment;
Alterations in normal bite and speech motivated by the presence of wisdom teeth;
Enclosed teeth : that can not “born” by the lack of space or bad position within the jaws;
Wisdom teeth taken by recurrent infection, such as dental caries and periodontal disease complicated treatment;
Wisdom teeth in contact with the root of the second molars, which may cause pain and need for root canal treatment in the future;
If the wisdom teeth are causing pain in other parts of the face such as jaw and ears, having been investigated other possible causes for pain.