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Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) is used by dentists for treatment of oral health problems

Botulinum Toxin, the famous Botox®, known to disguise wrinkles and sagging in the face, is also used in dental treatment to normalize the muscle that has hyperfunction improving teeth grinding (bruxism), gummy smile (show excess gums) , headaches and orofacial pain, among other problems.

Botulinum toxin is another therapeutic option that dentistry has to solve problems, it acts paralyzing the muscle that is overactive, returning the normal state. The procedure is safe and there is no motor impairment mouth. It’s a simple, efficient, done in ten minutes with a fine needle treatment – as used to apply insulin – and high level of satisfaction reported by patients.

For bruxism, for example, the botulinum toxin helps both patients creak as the tightening teeth. The substance is applied on each side of the face, the major muscles of mastication to make them lose excessive force. It is a new treatment that has shown incredible results, ideal for those who do not want to sleep with the protective plate in the teeth. The treatment is also used in cases of dysfunction of ATM and orofacial pain (characterized by fatigue of the chewing muscles).

Patients who show the smiling excess gum – called gummy smile – can escape / get rid of surgery where the distance from the lip to the gum should not exceed three millimeters. A small application in the internal muscle fluff, responsible for pull the upper lip up, prevents him go and keeping in place less exposed gums. The clinical improvement is evident and there is no loss of sensation in the upper lip, or the feeling paralyzed face.

Botulinum toxin is also useful in the preparation of the muscles of the patient’s mouth that will make dental implant. The substance helps in relaxing the muscles of mastication, which facilitates the adaptation to the use of dentures, and may also be used for preventive treatments, as in case of immediate loading implants and aesthetic restorations, among other possibilities.

It is also used for cosmetic purposes in medicine, botulinum toxin in dentistry also lasts six months and must be reapplied for continued good results.

Among the most significant advantages, it is an intervention whose results occur rapidly and in a solution which has very few – and passengers – side effects such that its use is quite safe.