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VASCO DA GAMA IMED® gathers a team of experienced professionals in various specialties such as implantology, orthodontics, surgery, endodontics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral and facial aesthetics, prosthetics among others.


It is a dentistry specialty that takes care of children and adolescents. The purpose of this professional is to take care and preserve the milk teeth that have important functions in the development of facial bones, preserving the space for permanent teeth not allowing the reduction of dental arch or dysfunction in the jaw joint, speech development and chewing food.

Once the tooth erupts into the mouth of the baby, your enamel adheres to the plaque that is formed by bacteria and the lactic acid bacteria produces desmineralizando the tooth and making it more fragile the action of decay. The child should go to a pediatric dentist when the first tooth is born so that the mother receive important information on oral hygiene and tips to make the cleaning easier causing the child to be treated the right way and with their proper care.

Another important function is that the dentist plays in the prevention of fluorosis provoked by excess fluoride intake by the child, in water and toothpaste they swallow. Fluorosis has spots in front teeth that are usually white and damage the aesthetic dentistry.

This professional also teaches the child to take pleasure and fun at the time of brushing. Helps parents to buy more than one color and different form of brush, to put forward the child of a mirror, so she sees what happens and allows easier brushing, having the-flossing habit that removes the dirt where the toothbrush can not reach and use toothpastes without fluoride, which can be ingested by the child without causing damage.

The use of preventive measures from the first years of life helps develop healthy habits that contribute to the maintenance of oral health of individuals. Simple precautions, such as brushing teeth, flossing and regular dental visits can prevent the most common diseases in the oral cavity: the decay and perioodontal disease.