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As an important aesthetic element, smiling features a special person when it is attractive and bright. Having whiter teeth provides differential to people. A white smile a lot of attention at any time.

Over the years, our teeth will darken and increasingly we get that yellow smile. With tooth whitening laser the patient may lose the yellow smile recovering the natural color of teeth.


How the tooth whitening laser work?

Tooth whitening laser is the most modern technique, currently more quickly and more efficiently to promote teeth whitening. In this technique, a gel for hydrogen peroxide-based with a concentration of 35 to 40% is applied on the external surface of the teeth and the laser along with a set of lights (LEDs) are applied to this gel, activating the release of oxygen molecules. These released oxygen molecules penetrate the tooth structure, eliminating the cause of pigment spots.


What are the advantages of tooth whitening laser?

Celerity: The tooth whitening laser is done in a single session of approximately 1 hour (the two arches), while the traditional method takes home 2 to 3 weeks per arch. In the tooth whitening laser, the patient leaves the office with your teeth whitened. Some patients may need more than one session.

Convenience: The tooth whitening laser, there is no need to use tray night for weeks, and that was why many patients give up the treatment.

Safety: At-home bleaching tray with many patients end up giving up the treatment because of tooth sensitivity caused by the gel that also brings irritation in the gums and lasts the duration of treatment (2-3 weeks). In the tooth whitening laser, and no sensitivity if there is much less, and lasts only 24 hours after treatment. This is because the laser causes a decrease in postoperative sensitivity.

Can restored teeth be whitened with whitening laser?

No. Tooth whitening laser only lightens the tooth enamel. After bleaching, restorations can be exchanged to ensure a pleasant smile and beautiful patient.


Is it tooth whitening laser safer for gums and teeth?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. The bleaching agent has no contact with the gums because it is protected with a rubber-material. There is also no danger to the teeth, because the whitening does not affect the tooth structure.


Can whitened teeth get darken again?

Yes, but this darkening never returns to be like before. After 1 to 2 years, there may be a need for maintenance.

The darkening of the teeth can occur for several reasons:

Age (teeth darken over time)
Food colorings (soft drinks, tea, coffee and the like)
Genetics (genetics of each individual)
Antibiotics (during the formation phase of the teeth)
Root canal treatment (endodontics)

Who can do the tooth whitening laser?

Overall anyone can do tooth whitening laser, being acceptable to do so from the age of 10 and that the patient has no teeth with many fillings.

Do all teeth can be whitened with laser? What are the indications?

Generally yes, but who will evaluate it correctly will be qualified to do this kind of treatment.

The degree of whitening will vary from patient to patient, and teeth with yellowish, light brown, darkened monochrome way (equally) and extrinsic stains are more easily whitened.

Teeth with bluish, gray-black stripes caused by antibiotics (tetracycline) with irregular patches are more difficult to be whitened.

In more severe cases, like very dark spots, teeth color changes by ancient endodontic problems often are not whitened as one would like, is indicated in these cases, cosmetic restorative treatments to establish a pleasing aesthetic.